Fearful or Fearless? You Decide.

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Why is life so hard? Or maybe you are saying, Why is life so freaking awesome? Dare I say that it has everything to do with your own perception about it. Life is just life. It is neutral. It isn’t anything until you say it is and then it becomes whatever you say so about it. So say it, so shall it be done. Ask, and ye shall receive. If you build it they will come. Recognize any of those little sayings? That which we focus upon is what will manifest because it is our THOUGHTS (we have chatted about this before in other posts!) that begin the process of what we experience. Think of your thoughts (oooohhh meta-cognition!!!) as a filter that you apply to your little Instagram pictures. We snap a pic and then we decide we want it to look a little softer or sharper or brighter or more vintage-like. You know, you want it to reflect a certain mood. Or maybe you are just trying to draw focus away from or to something in the picture. So how we shade something, how we flavor it (now we are getting into cooking metaphors and this makes me happy!) will determine what gets the attention. THIS is how we work this thing called life.

Here are my thoughts about it (and isn’t that what we are talking about here?): I have decided that there is no emotion I am not willing to feel! In fact, the more opportunity to experience the feelings of fear or rejection the better I become at adapting into those feelings. I know that moving INTO those feelings causes me to become FEARLESS. I feel absolutely courageous when I face my fears. We are never in a safe place when we have to enact the emotion of courage. Having to do that means we are running headlong into something that creates fear but we do it anyway. I have determined that I am going to feel uncomfortable when I am afraid. That is just a fact. That vibration in my body when I am scared to do something even though I know it won’t kill me can cause me to freeze and do nothing. UGH. That may as well kill me! Ergo, two choices: do nothing or do something. The outcomes can be the same (i.e., nothing happens by doing nothing and nothing great happens when you do something) EXCEPT when you do something you actually have another option that is available to you: something awesome may just happen that catapults you into the stratosphere! This has happened to me on MANY occasions when I just said yes and ran into battle (with myself lol)! That is definitely my choice and I will keep choosing it as long as I live. I definitely choose to live because, well… I am alive. What do you want to choose? What filter do you want your life to have?


Angelique is the owner of 360 Wellness and is well-versed on the brain.

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