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Imagine for a moment that your days are always going to be filled with happiness and joy. No more, “I had a bad/hard/rough day” answers any longer. I know you think I am tripping but if you know me at all, then you realize that this isn’t too far out there. It is a nice thought to think about isn’t it? Or is that just too much to wrap your head around? Well, allow me to break this down some.

Ok, so firstly it is not realistic to have a unicorn, cupcakes and rainbow day ALL the time, which just saddens me actually. However, we would have NO CLUE how to recognize this kind of a day if we didn’t have days that challenged us emotionally, physically and mentally. Some days just proverbially suck. We have to experience non-joy in order to know what joy-joy is! And I liked saying joy-joy. That made me happy.

So now we know that everything has an equal and opposite reaction, it is time to do a quick exploration of our daily happy dance. In one word I can tell you how you can experience daily happiness moment-by-moment: gratitude. By scaling down to the moment you were met with unhappiness, it is time to start taking quick stock of your life. Did you wake up in a warm bed? Did you get up and get ready for your day with ease? How about that coffee– was it hot? And the things you use to make it perfectly delicious for you- were they nice and cold in the refrigerator? As you packed a lovely lunch for the day, I am pretty sure you had everything you needed or wanted. And if you didn’t all you would have to do is buy it at the store. The car was working and kept you warm or cool and allowed you to arrive safely at your location. I could go on and on and increase the minutia of our lives but that is not the purpose. It is meant for you to find your moment of zen. We are often too busy (Hey, I have done it as well! It is a knee-jerk reaction to want to bemoan the day when it has been less than kind to us!) to break down the good, even during the present experience. It takes a consistent mind shift to make it happen. I talked before about high and low impact action – this is one of those HIGH impact things you can do that, with repetition, will soon become a skill. We cannot teach what we do not practice. Be kind to yourself and embrace your awesome life!

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie

Angelique, a wellness and mindset coach, is the official Director of Coaching for Michael Mapes, LLC

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