Leftover Resentments? How’s That Going For You?

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We were ALL kids once. Some of us STILL are. Yep, you heard me right. There are many of us who insist in staying stuck emotionally within our minds despite having a physical body of an adult. I don’t believe this stuckedness is conscious. It has almost come to be part of our socializing with our friends and co-workers that we probably don’t realize we are just poking at old wounds that don’t serve us. What if… you just didn’t bother to talk about it any longer? How would that feel? Relief? Anxiety? This may be so much of your identity that it will feel foreign to you to give up all the years you have talked about it. It is good for you to shift your brain into the realization that this is a sap of your time, emotions and energies. Once you think about that approval you have been seeking from a parent, for example, is not about how you don’t measure up to their expectations but about how you have assigned that value to that person’s expectations, you may feel a little lighter. Consider this: If I tell you that I don’t think you are good at this or that and if I were to tell you that you disappoint me with your choices, I doubt that you would give it a whole lot more thought. You might think, “Whatever, lady! You don’t know me! I run a business, volunteer with a youth league, take yoga, and my speaking engagement list is a mile long because I am booked out I am so popular!” See? You seem to have a pretty darn good idea about how awesome you are! So why on earth would you assign any one in in your life the task of having power over your worth? Seems like you are ambitious, right? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? What drives that ambition? Don’t run the race for or against any one except for yourself. You will be the most accurate measure to compare yourself to!

Angelique, a wellness and mindset coach, is the official Director of Coaching for Michael Mapes, LLC

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