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High Impact Action

Here we are in the second month of the new year and I have already heard from many for whom the glow of determination of 45 days ago has worn off. Those 5:00am alarms that were to signal the body into action are being silenced. Gym bags that were packed for the end of work day workouts are sitting in the backseat gathering dust. As the guilt of new year’s resolutions past creeps up, don’t be angry at yourself. Be kind to yourself and always treat yourself with compassion. BUT don’t let yourself off the hook, either. Don’t tell yourself that it was okay to slack on your goals, because THAT is not self-kindness. I am just telling you not to beat yourself up because that is a bad energy to be in! Instead, ask yourself why you didn’t stay committed to something you were so passionate about just weeks before. What thoughts are driving you to do ANYthing that you do– or don’t do?

WARNING: Hard questions ahead. Quick exercise: Write down one goal that you WANT to achieve. Not one that you HAVE to achieve but something you truly want. This makes a difference. Now ask yourself why you want it. What kinds of action are you taking to get to your end result? And ask yourself this especially forthright question: Are you WILLING to do anything to get to your end result? This question will tell you everything you need to know about your inner fortitude. This doesn’t mean you don’t have it, but it may mean that you haven’t kept it on track because of other thoughts going on in your head that make you believe something that isn’t true. So if you tell yourself, “I didn’t go to the gym at all this week so I might as well give up. I don’t have it in me apparently to stick to my goal of creating more time in my life for exercise” then you just made a false statement. So what if there was an obstacle that week?? What happens when you have this solid goal of going to buy a new pair of fabulous shoes? You are heading to the mall and there is an accident ahead– cops, EMS, people, blinking lights, flares, everywhere. You might be irritated because now you have to wait in the traffic to get to the mall – but you are still going to stay on the road, right? Maybe you see an opportunity for a detour and you take that so you can avoid the wait? Either way, you are committed to get those new shoes because you want them! Did you turn around and go home? Nope. That is fortitude in action right there. So don’t tell me (or more importantly yourself) that you don’t have it –you are deciding when to exercise it. Apply that example with any kind of action you choose to stay focused on. High impact action is when you do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Do you risk falling on your face? Of course! But that is part of the experience of being human and without it we have nothing to relate to and nothing to ground us. When we participate in low impact action we are doing all the things that prepare to support our high impact action. Once you decided to work out you got excited and started glancing at the gym’s schedule and you likely purchased work out gear and signed up for the gym itself and then you even packed that bag to keep in your car… which were all actionable but those alone will not take you into the achievement of the end result. Be honest with yourself and you will find out things about you that you can examine curiously rather than critically.

Angelique, a wellness and mindset coach, is the official Director of Coaching for Michael Mapes, LLC


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