Moving Up and Forward!!


Well let me tell you what!!!! Life has been nothing short of a whirlwind in the last several months- so much so I have had nary any time to update my blog posts and y’all have no idea what is going on with me! Writing this down for you might help me know for myself, actually! LOL

♦ I am shifting my focus away from 1:1 work. Not because I don’t love it but because I have a strong NEED and PASSION to get out in front of MORE people, spreading awareness as well as personal empowerment for health and wellness!

♦ I will be doing more consulting, presenting, interviews, interviewing, livestreaming, etc., to educate the general public, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, schools and corporations.

♦ I will be completing my PhD and have to focus on the last leg of it so I can get myself officially graduated!

♦ I have taken on some collaborative partners. My ideas are too vast, my mission so big, that I needed partners in crime!!! Luckily, they came to me because THEY too, have dreams and missions so big AND they align perfectly with mine!!!

♦ I will remain fabulous and stay in gratitude to all who assist me in this journey to help others recognize, achieve and sustain an amazingly healthful life!

You can see my part of current Instagram feed here but the most direct and up-to-date ways to know what the haps are will be on Facebook (ask to join my interactive Fabulously Paleo group!!), on Snapchat (drangelique), Instagram (also drangelique) as well as Twitter (DrAngeliquePhD)- all of which will have product reviews, tutorials, interviews, recipes plus some of my general shenanigans.

Thank you for being part of my community and for your dedication to living a beautiful, quality life!


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