NEW YEAR! Sweet ’16, Baby!!

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I found this little gem the other day while skimming the land of social media and it spurred me to write this post! It is clearly meant for elementary school children but this could SO be used by any one of us grown ups!! We are always encouraging our kids to grow and learn to be adventurous, bold, open-minded, educated, and most of all we want them to experience joy and live in happiness, right? Guess what? That doesn’t stop after you move on to your own life separate from your parents guidance. In fact, dare I say, the rate at which we are presented with these opportunities ramps up considerably at that point! The awesome part is that we can now actively and consciously CHOOSE whether or not we want to do or be something. Our parental units are no longer making decisions that force us to try something new. This is one of the beautiful things about adulthood.

Though this is a site quite devoted to eating awesome foods, Paleo-style, I am first and foremost a mindset coach. None of anything that you do matters too much if you disconnect from your thoughts about something. Making decisions with purpose matter to the development of your life and is directly proportional to your sustained happiness.

So use this little template to jot down your thoughts about what you would like to do differently (I ADORE that there is a little section for trying a new food!!! *SQUEAL*) This doesn’t mean that you are necessarily doing that this year, but if you put it down, it starts the train engine moving forward. I am certain that there is at least one thing that is tangible and achievable for you this year. Mine is spending more 1:1 time with my four boys and their respective significant others. I am busy and they are busy but why do I want to let more time pass before changing something that I consider very important? Another personal goal is to give more to charities. I love to help people but I cannot be there for everyone all of the time. However, others can in the way they are able. I want to provide my support so those people can do what they love in serving others as well. Lastly, I want to get back into running regularly. I do yoga but I miss the very act of striking the pavement repeatedly. Not sure if I want to train again to run races, but I might. I do know that lacing up on a regular basis again is a no brainer and it makes me feel good to know I CAN get that knocked off my goal list! Set your intentions and watch the universe bring you the abundance you deserve!



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