“I’m so thankful that Angelique told me about this program. And even though we haven’t stuck to the full Paleo way of life, our eating habits are totally different. Do the 21 DSD and you’ll never be the same.”

~ Elizabeth Keim, Executive Assistant, Fab360 

“YOU ROCK! The most beautiful part is – no tricks, no pills just clean food, a desire to live a healthier life and an AWESOME COACH!!! There are already so many new habits I have formed (coconut milk, more veggies, etc) that will be with me forever – thank you!”

~ Kara Brok, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Having a group to lean on when I was weak, to share tasty recipes with, and to celebrate weekly success with was a phenomenal experience. Angelique made sure to encourage us, applaud our commitment to personal health, and to keep us from feeling deprived. In fact, when I was craving a certain starchy treat, she looked up a recipe that offered a healthier, less toxic version. I made it and found that I was satisfied. Not only was I satisfied, my skin looked better, my energy levels were higher, and the chronic hip pain I have felt since giving birth (my personal war wound) was gone. I felt, and feel, like a new person. In the end, I’m glad I took this challenge and I am glad I had Coach Angelique by my side to teach me how to succeed.”

~ Sheri Walsh, Student and Full-time mom

Having a coach through the detox was essential for me. I’m a smart and determined gal but I couldn’t try what I didn’t know about. Angelique introduced me to new foods and new ways to eat foods I already loved making them more beneficial for my body. There are many changes I’ve kept after the detox because I truly love them. I’ve never felt more healthy and radiant since learning how to make the right choices for me regarding my love affair with food.”

~ Robin Hardison, Owner of Maudlin Musee Dreams and Augury 

“While I have been on top of my nutrition for years, changing my tolerance to sweets has allowed me to incorporate new foods into my diet that I am really enjoying. I am not done exploring and I am certainly happy that I took part.”

~ Jennifer Sparks, Owner of Swiftkick Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching, Best-selling author of WTF to OMG and Happy on Purpose

“I didn’t realize just how much sugar I consumed until I went through the 21 Day Sugar Detox with Angelique. So I thought the 21 days would be a piece of cake. (Pun intended.) Boy was I in for a real eye opener! I learned I consumed much more sugar than I thought! It Angelique’s experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, along with her genuine concern for my health, that enabled me to go through the 21 days much easier than if I had tried on my own.”

~ Shelly Drymon, Founder of The Rescue Yourself Project

“I participated in the 21 day sugar detox with Angelique as my coach. I didn’t think I could do it – but I did! It’s been several months ago so I need to do it again because I’ve fallen back into some of my bad habits BUT one of the very most important things that I continue to do is to read the labels. It’s unreal how much sugar is hidden in foods. When I was detoxing I slept better & didn’t seem to feel sluggish. My joints didn’t seem so stiff. And I was drinking more water instead of diet pop (which is my addiction). Angelique is such a positive force & inspiration to all who are around her. She is truly passionate about healthy eating & is an excellent teacher.”

~ Mary Sherrer, Hospital Administrator

“Angelique has transformed the way I look at food. I went from thinking I eat healthy to becoming healthy. She helped me understand that this wasn’t just a sugar detox but a detox of mindset on how I view food. I now understand that essential fats are not our enemy.”

~ Chance Martin, DPT