Predominately Paleo: Thanksgiving! WHAT??

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It is almost the official day of giving thanks! Not that we shouldn’t do this all the time, mind you. Staying in gratitude should be a daily practice- and it’s an active process and if I miss a day or a moment when thanks should be given, I don’t beat myself up. But I acknowledge that moment and make sure I do a double scoop the next opportunity! I love abundance of all things in my life and expressing honest gratefulness is one of the most surefire ways to attract it!

Now having said all that, let’s talk about food! It may come as no surprise that we can consume A LOT of food and thus excess calories during this time- many in the form of liquid! UGH! lol I am not about to put a damper on the festiities- in fact, quite the opposite! I Want you to stay active, energetic and engaged during your gatherings!! First thing, though, build your plate like this: Protien/fat, veggies, a starch then something sweet AFTER the first three parts of this have been consumed. Next, you hopefully know what your body can and can’t tolerate. If you are truly like most people, your body doesn’t do well with wheat products. If so, do not eat the roll or the pie that has the crust made with wheat flour. I do fine with corn and rice so those are grains I can have a little bit of without painful consequences. Know thyself. Lastly, understand that unless you have something deliberately active happening, you are likely going to be doing a lot of sitting. So things you are consuming will be converted to a fuel for your body. How much fuel do you need? Adjust accordingly! So… a few quick tips:

1. Eat. Yup, that’s right, I said it. Just don’t eat everything! Eat what you want but…

2. Don’t feel obligated to eat. Ok, am I just messing with you? lol For real, though. You do not not NOT have to eat something because it’s there. Now, if you want to TASTE it, go for it then maybe you want a little more, ok.

3. Use a small plate. You do not have to load up this smaller plate any more than you might a dinner size plate. Get a little sampling of everything and if you still feel the pull for a bit more food after you finish, then get the one thing that appealed the most to you.

4. BYOD! (Bring Yo Own Dish or two) If there is something you know will be just perfect for you with just the right ingredients, bring it! I have, I will and I am not ashamed at all. I want to enjoy myself and some of that has to do with doing what works for me. I do not ever intend to offend someone and if there is a person out there who already knows me and my usual preferences and they get offended, then I guess I need to rethink my relationship with them! LOL The bonus is that what is brought will likely be so delish that people will want the recipe. There is still such an idea about what Paleo is and isn’t that people may think you are eating weird things (well some things ARE weird! LOL I still have not gotten on board with cricket flour. *GAGS*) Get a few ideas from mah girl, Diane Sanfilippo’s yummy holiday recipes guide: – it is 4.99 as a PDF and 2.99 on Kindle! I LOVE it and used MANY recipes during last Thanksgiving (and other times as well!!!!)

Ok my Fabulously Paleo people, I would love to hear from you after you had a lovely time with your family and friends! Let me know how you survived and if it was difficult!

Until next time, live long and Paleo!

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